Together we create.
Let's talk about #marketing.

HAS#TAG – You will like it.

“Don’t do advertising.
Rather inspire people.”

A small sign
with a big effect.

HAS#TAG sees itself as the combination of classic product placement and digital influencer marketing. We design attractive and activating product recommendations through visual storytelling. Attraction in words and images, “likeable & sophisticated”.

We don’t do advertising. We move people. Emotionally, relevant and charming.

Use the dynamics and reach potential of social networks to support your sales activities. Clever content and hashtag marketing opens up completely new opportunities to increase brand awareness and customer engagement. Not least, international movements like #metoo have proven that a small token (hashtag) can set big things in motion. This is also true for marketing today. That’s why the hashtag is also symbolic for us as a link between the old and new economy of marketing.

Together we can draw on many years of experience in strategic and operational marketing (B2C/B2B). Whether as marketing managers on the industry side or creative and budget directors on the agency side.

Our claim is to extract the best from both worlds and to develop a new powerful marketing 4.0 based on the new technical possibilities. The classic marketing tools work differently today than they did a few years ago.

We therefore understand Marketing 4.0 as a tool that can be adapted to the respective circumstances and requirements in a credible and effective way according to the brand and target group. Today’s customers are annoyed by clumsy advertising messages. Poorly designed ones at that. Rather save your money and reach your target group with us in a contemporary, authentic and above all effective way.

What we want is emotional marketing communication that works, is not annoying and looks good. For you, this means selling more in a sympathetic way – instead of simply advertising.

Mission Statement

Give me real feelings, baby. Everything else is just advertising.

We want to do more than just “advertise”. We want to inform and inspire at the same time. Convince with wit, charm and sympathy. Rich in ideas and content with a maximum of creativity, authenticity and passion.

Our philosophy is very simple: “Burn for what you do.” Because only those who burn for something themselves can ignite the fire in others. And whatever you burn for, do it with love and passion.

Our goal is a sustainable increase in brand loyalty and awareness. We want to inspire customers, not bore them. Content-wise as well as visually. We do not advertise. We sell products. Creatively, authentically and sympathetically.

The idea behind HAS#TAG is the symbiosis of “old and new world”. From classic product placement (testimonials, etc.) and modern influencer marketing, based on the changing media usage and purchasing behavior, with special use of the dynamics of online social networks.

From the idea, to the concept, to the implementation, you get the full service of a campaign development and implementation from a single source. Innovative software solutions support us in the collection of campaign performance and response.

Trust in the expertise of our team, based on many years in leading positions in strategic and operational marketing. Both on the side of the industry and marketing agencies. The best of both worlds, combined for better marketing.

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